​Is Sexting An Epidemic Among Teens?

Humans have always been horny. From the get­go we’ve been hitting up other people for sex, and, of course, that’s the only way our race could ever have gotten to the point it is at today. We gotta get down in order to grow.

The parents of teens seem to be forgetting this, what with all of the attention they’re paying to sexting. Not every kid is doing, but a good amount are; it’s not an epidemic, as they believe, but it’s more of a natural thing. Teens learn about sex and see how awesome it is so they try to do it any way they can.

I think we should back it up a bit though, and not just a few years. Rewind back a few millennia; actually, like 30,000 years. Since humans started running around, we’ve been sexting.

Cavemen drew sexual pictures on their walls like, “Hey boo I drew this boner for you, wanna bang?” I don’t think tact was a thing back then. Sex was more urgent back then, since who knows when a saber­toothed cat is gonna pop out of nowhere and beat the crap out of you and eat you. When they could do it, they got down and dirty.

Many millennia go by and we start to get a bit more civilized. Sex is still awesome but dying violently in an animal attack is a lot less likely; sex is a bit less urgent and not always meant for procreation. It’s 1300 A.D., and now people are writing dirty little poems and limericks (never seen a sexy Haikou before to be honest). Some people would send messages to loved ones via carrier pigeons, but the whole distance thing made it a bit less sexy (“I was horny two weeks ago but your message was a little late, Walter. I’m not in the mood.”)

You see? Sexting has been around for as long as humans have been able to communicate non­verbally. It’s not that big of a deal.

Politicians are doing it all the time, and they’re always getting caught. Hell, even Brett Favre did it (he knows his last name is pronounced differently than it’s spelled, right?) Those people all received backlash from it, and rightfully so. But they were adults, not kids.

There should be more of a problem with adults acting immature and inappropriately than kids discovering sex. I mean, kids should always be careful and do it once they’re mature enough, but it’s not really their fault they have those feelings. It’s human nature.

The adults who’ve been involved in sexting scandals need to realize they’re not setting a good example for the kids who may know who they are, or even look up to them.

Of course parents need to monitor their kids’ use of their phones to make sure they’re not exposing themselves to people would take advantage of them in any way, but if they want to keep them from sexting, just talk to them about sex. Once they know about it, they might be more reluctant to do it virtually once they realize what sex really is.

But let’s continue with the history of sexting. It’s present day, and now people are using Snapchat. Many people do it to communicate with friends in an ephemeral format, but some take advantage of that feature and use it to send sexual pictures to people. Anthony Weiner could’ve used Snapchat a couple years ago, but I think we’re all glad that dude got exposed (lol).

Teens are using Snapchat to send sexts, but parents shouldn’t point their angry finger at Snapchat. Yeah, sexting without a paper trail was the idea that inspired Snapchat, but it’s up to the user to use Snapchat how they please.

Snapchat enables sexters for sure, but that’s the point of the whole thing, folks. If you’re a parent and you’re worried about your kid sexting, talk about sex with them. Give them the whole run down and how and when they should do it. Once they know that it actually means something, they might change their minds about sexting.

This whole thing is being over exaggerated and isn’t a big deal, just the media makes it out to be worse than it is. For the most part, your kids aren’t sexting; they’re simply sending funny and embarrassing snaps to their friends and having a good time.

If a parent freaks out and thinks their kid is sexting, they could take away their phone, and would that solve the problem? No, it’ll make it worse, even if the kid was sexting on an app. If parents push teens one way, the teen is going to pull in the opposite direction and rebel; maybe they’ll go out and have sex.

Before you pissed them off by overreacting, they were good kids and would’ve listened to your advice about sex and responded in a mature way. But if the parent punishes them for something they either didn’t do or didn’t take that seriously, they will do the opposite of what the parent said. I mean, come on, you gotta see that coming.

So what’s the problem with sexting? Nothing. It’s parents and the media who are the problem. They have so much influence on kids, whether they know it or not. Teens want to be treated like adults, and if parents treat them with the respect they want, then the teen will be more likely to comply.

If you think your kid is sexting, don’t punish them. Instead, approach the matter maturely and discuss sex with them honestly and let them know about any and all of the implications and consequences.

Teens are discovering themselves along with sex. It’s human nature; you did it too, parents. If you want your kid to learn from the experience and become more mature and less likely to sext, treat them with respect. If you overreact, they will too, and that’ll only make it worse.

Sexting isn’t an epidemic by any means. Parents and the media making situations seem worse than they are is the real problem. Just be chill, you guys.

You can thank me later.

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