The Crucial Differences Between a Sex Buddy and Friends With Benefits

Should real relationships even exist anymore?

Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic. But in all reality, the concept of relationships are becoming more and more of an ancient concept.

Relationships are being rapidly replaced with more casual situations, like sex buddies, friends with benefits, and one­time hookups.

I would say the two main ones that have taken over college aged and 20 somethings everywhere is sex buddies and friends with benefits.

The next question is, what exactly are they and what are the differences between the two? Sex Buddies

With sex buddies, there is absolutely no relationship outside of the sex. The reason you two ever interact is because of sex; that is the extent of your relationship.

The two of you have nothing in common besides the time and place you meet up to have sex.

You guys don’t text unless it’s to meet to fuck. Honestly, the only interaction you guys have outside of the bedroom is the conversation about when and where you’re getting into the bedroom.

You don’t know about each others friends, interests, hobbies, childhood¬≠ hell you might not even know how old they are.

It would be weird if you guys went out in public together, even to get hungover bagels. As soon as either of you wake up, you quietly get up, sneak out and leave.

You don’t have morning sex or say goodbye because that would be just awkward. You also never, ever have sober sex.
Friends With Benefits

The main difference between sex buddies and friends with benefits is that with friends with benefits, there is a relationship outside of the sex.

In fact, you were probably friends before you ever started to have sex in the first place. More likely than not, your intentions when the relationship began was not to have sex, it just sort of happened one time and went from there.

You guys probably know quite a bit about each other, and even worse, you actually care about each other. This is what makes friends with benefits worse than sex buddies: the likeliness of getting hurt.

The boundaries are a lot more blurry with friends with benefits, mainly because you interact outside of the bedroom and when you’re sober.

It’s not weird if you get bagels together in the morning. It might not even be weird if you have sex sober. But then what are you guys? You’re moving closer and closer to relationship territory.

There are very few cases where friends with benefits actually work out in the long run. If I were you, I’d stick to sex buddies rather than friends with benefits.

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