A lot of people these days are engaging in casual, no strings sex, and they sure are loving it. It can be the best thing ever but it’s a relationship that can easily be ruined; if that happens, you’ve not only lost out on some bomb sex, but you lost a friend.

Starting a friend with benefits type of relationship can be difficult, as finding the right person who is down for casual sex isn’t as easy as finding ripe banana. It takes a little searching and testing the waters to see who wants to have sex without any strings attached.

But once you find this person, there is a fine line that can’t be crossed or the whole thing is going to be sullied. There are a few ways to keep the sex amazing, and keep that person as a friend once you’ve both moved on to greener pastures.

When you’ve started a friends with benefits situation, you’re both going to need to communicate, even if that seems like the last thing you should do­ it’s just about sex, right?

First thing you need to do is set some ground rules. This will keep both of you on the same page so you can just focus on making each other feel good, and no one will get the wrong idea.

The first objective is to make it clear that it’s just casual sex; you don’t want to be sleeping with each other for a month only to find out that the other person has caught the feels.

They’ll start to feel underappreciated since they’re not too sure on what the status of your relationship is.

So before you two make some magic happen, clarify that it’s just a friends with benefits type of relationship. Nothing more, and surely nothing less.

The next step is to keep them attracted; obviously you don’t want to make it all romantic, because that’d be sending the wrong kind of vibe. But making your sexy time sexier will only benefit the both of you, so be spontaneous or fun.

A good idea is to take them out for drinks before you go back to your place together; nothing wrong with getting a little tipsy with someone you know you’re having sex with later on.

Keep it simple and casual though, you don’t want to make it seem like a date; make it fun for them and make them laugh a little.

This shows that you can be fun to be around, not just in bed, so they could be hitting you up for some fun for a while, rather than quickly getting bored of the situation.

A friends with benefits setup is tricky territory, and if you miscommunicate (through sexting or otherwise)  you can sour everything, and lose that person as a friend, not just as a sexual partner.

It may seem like the last thing you’d need to do is communicate with each other, but it’s critical in keeping both of you on the same page.

If you set ground rules and keep it fun, you’ll both have a great experience and once you move on you’ll still be friends.


How To Keep The “Friend” In Friend With Benefits

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